How the JBG Tote got its name

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When my wife and co-founder, Jerami, asked for me to make her a bag, little did I know that that request would result in launching a brand. I had been exploring the design and manufacturing of leather goods for quite some time when she made her request, so it made sense that I make a bag for her.

She is a horse owner and the bag was meant to be “for the barn." Equestrian would be the theme.

The bag I created received some very positive reviews with its limited audience. So I asked the question: What if? So, we did.

In conversations we simply referred to the bag as the JBG tote, for Jerami's initials using her maiden name, Jerami Beth Gold. The moniker stuck.

It took a great deal of time to realize our final product, due to the fact that we insisted on not only manufacturing in the United States, but also sourcing as much as the materials as possible from US suppliers. The custom hardware is designed by me, and machined and finished locally in California.

Well, as they say, the rest is history – or at least, the beginning of one story.

I hope you enjoy the work.


Photo by Jerami Prendiville at Vista Del Mar Ranch, Moorpark, CA


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