About Us

Kevin (standing) and Jerami (sitting on a rebar works leather and steel chair)


rebar works, based in California, is a luxury lifestyle design company founded by the husband and wife team of Kevin and Jerami Prendiville. Together they imagine, design and create the projects featured on these pages.


Kevin Prendiville: Artist and Co-Founder

I’ve always been an artist.
It just took a long time to admit it.
I studied Graphic Design in college.
I worked a short stint at an advertising agency.
I spent the last 20 years as a Visual Effects Artist in the post production entertainment industry in Los Angeles.
I’ve walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards, been kissed on the cheek by Paula Abdul, had Steve Perry sing to me. I’ve been on sets with the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Lopez, & Kobe Bryant. I have two Emmy Awards. And, in one of my proudest moments, I helped change the world for the better with the opportunity to work on a film that was pitched with the dubious description of "a politician giving a Power Point presentation." The film? Former Vice President Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

When I began in the post production industry, the goal was to make a few bucks, and then go make things.

20 years later, I’m finally making things.
The truth is, is that I’ve been making things all along. They were exploratory projects for me. All kinds of things. Tables, chairs, light fixtures… and leather bags.

Do you look at it or use it? Does form follow function? I’ve always been playing in this particular sandbox. Pushing limits, but having fun. Always tactile. Every once in a while I’ll venture into pure art, but I’m still trying to develop that confidence. I’ll get there, eventually.

In the meantime, I will be offering up my Projects.
They are meant to serve a purpose. To solve a problem.
I hope that you will enjoy them.


Jerami Prendiville, Co-Founder

I'm a UCLA graduate with a degree in Art and Design. Just out of college, I ventured from Los Angeles to live in Mammoth Lakes, California, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, for summer backpacking and winter skiing. Fortunately I found work using my degree at the local newspaper. I became acquainted with original typesetting equipment, and began my love of typography, along with mountain living.

From there I moved to Ketchum, Idaho, another mountain town, again using my typography and design skills to manage the art department at the county newspaper. But Los Angeles and Kevin Prendiville, my now husband and rebar works co-founder, were calling. I returned to LA to work in the advertising industry.

Kevin and I regularly influenced each other on individual and collaborative creative projects: from graphic design jobs to personal holiday videos, a leather and metal arm chair to a huge entryway light fixture. The two of us realized we should officially join forces and offer these projects to the public, so we founded rebar works.

Now, with Kevin as artist and craftsman, I bring my strength of design and love of numbers to rebar works, as brand director and business manager. My passion for nature helps drive the company focus on reusable and recyclable materials for packaging and product design.

Not to worry, I still get my outdoor fix riding my horse, Raven, on the trails around Moorpark, California, where we get to see bobcat, rattlesnakes, deer, coyote and mountain lion (footprints only: no in-person lion sightings yet).